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University of Rogersfield University is a prominent distance learning university offering accredited degree programs for students and working professionals around the globe.

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We recognize and acknowledge passion, and merit and grant merit-based scholarships to our students

Rogersfield University considers its prime responsibility to provide stress-free education across the globe. We recognize that the burden of tuition fees on students is triple folded when it comes to pursuing education across the seas, to combat this issue we have devised various scholarship programs to promote education in our global community. We remove the financial barrier from the shoulders of our students by providing up to 75% scholarships that impact the tuition fee drastically. Our scholarship programs are based on merit and are for both national and international students. This is the reason why OUC has a growing global outreach.


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Diverse Students

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Financial Support Programs

Rogersfield University has initiated various scholarships to benefit minorities, physically disabled students, unprivileged women, and many other students who are enthusiastic about their careers but remain behind due to financial difficulties. These scholarships do not only cater financial assistance to students but also ease their journey to a prosperous career.

Students with Disabilities

OUC aims to deliver quality education by providing more than 200 online education programs, especially in the fields of business management and engineering. We provide a diverse and inclusive educational environment for which we grant scholarships to our differently-abled students so that they don’t miss the educational opportunities and stand on their feet with our career-based programs.

You can avail this program of scholarship if:

  • You have a physical condition recognized as a disability
  • Your area national of a third world country
  • You belong to a low-income socioeconomic background as recognized by the government of the United States

Higher Achiever Grant

We award our students with outstanding achievements, the scholarships that they deserve. The criteria of getting this scholarship are quite easy, show us your achievements’ proof documents which confirm that you have scored high in your class, scored best on your SATs, etc. Merit-based scholarships not just impact your tuition fee but also adds more to your resume once you graduate from here and transition to your career.

Veteran Scholarship

At OUC, we always honor the heroes of the nation, we award our veterans with scholarships they deserve. Veteran scholarships to our students who have served our military as a thank you from our nation for their services. If you are a student who has a history of serving in our military or has participated in military acts then this scholarship is for you.

Minorities Grant

OUC believes in awarding prestigious scholarships to students who belong to minorities to promote our motto of inclusion and diversity. These scholarships are based on different nationalities, ethnicity that qualifies as minorities in the US.

Community & Civic Services

OUC offers scholarships as a reward for any community and civic services that confirm that our students are returning their knowledge to the community. If you have been involved in community service or any civic service, then you can participate in this scholarship program by providing proof of your services to OUC.

Women Empowerment

To ensure and encourage women empowerment for the underprivileged women who can not afford to continue their education, are single mothers and no one to take care of their children, or the women who cant continue their education as they have to look after their families, OUC brings scholarships to empower these women. This is to empower women to excel in their educational paths and prove themselves in the world of business, science, politics, engineering, and much more.


We are one of the largest, most diverse universities in the USA with over 90,000 students in USA studying across 180 countries

George Warden


My passion for engineering drove me to Rogersfield University to pursue my Engineering Studies degree. Although some assignments and courses were challenging the support from instructors enabled me to learn a lot. Today, I am an honored Automobile Engineer.

Luke Mark


The online MEd was the perfect program for me at the Rogersfield University. I was looking for a program that would be fully synchronous because of my full-time job. It was my first time trying online education. I'm glad to report that I made the right decision. And now I have been successfully promoted to a senior position at a reputable organization.

Hannah McCoy


As a student at Rogersfield University's Business Management School, I was able to gain the confidence and skills necessary to use a variety of quantitative approaches in my research. Each course was taught by highly skilled instructors who were understanding, patient, and kind. Anyone who wants to understand modern business perspectives and analytical approaches would benefit greatly from this program.