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University of Rogersfield University is a prominent distance learning university offering accredited degree programs for students and working professionals around the globe.

Get Admission in Rogersfield University not just to Graduate,

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At Rogersfield University, Our international students come up with various questions regarding admissions at Rogersfield University , availability of schools and majors, tuition fee, scholarships and financial aid opportunities.
Here are some of the frequently asked questions by the students:

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What are the Rogersfield University entry requirements?

A high school certification or a degree is the only requirement. Other than this we wish to seek a candidate with an eagerness to pursue a higher education degree and excel in a career.

How long does it take to complete a degree?

It depends upon your pace. Rogersfield University has self-paced programs and you can alter the duration of your degree as per your feasibility.

Is Rogersfield University an Accredited University?

Yes, we are an accredited university. OUC is recognized by different local and international accredited bodies.

Can I study while I am working as a full-time employee?

Absolutely. You can work as a full-time employee and also study. Our online education is specially designed to make your life easier. Choose your time, as per your availability.

Which degree options are available for me at OUC?

We have various degree programs offerings for you. Here we offer you 15 different accredited schools and you can choose your degree according to your interest.

What majors do Rogersfield University offer in Business & Management?

The School of business and management offers a wide range of majors that are updated to cater the latest market requirements including HRM, Product Management, Marketing, International Relations, Accounting and much more.

Can I get job via the platform of career placement services at OUC?

We have affiliations with world class top-notch organizations that are in touch with us round the clock and our students have successfully attained lead positions through our career placement service.

How many Schools does Rogersfield University offer?

Rogersfield University offers a diversified range of 15 accredited and updated schools.

Can I study Business Management if my major in high school was Psychology?

Yes, you can always opt for a different professional degree if you think you can perform better there.

What career prospects I have if I choose to study Criminal Justice?

Our professional and highly qualified faculty will guide you well in this regard. We have a high profile team of professionals who are leading In their field of expertise.

What are the selection criteria for the faculty members of the school?

OUC ensures you are made to acknowledge the best of all. We make sure that the designated Schools faculty is relevant to the field and has a dense market exposure.

What majors do the School of business and management offers?

The School of business and management offers a wide range of majors that are updated to cater to the latest market requirements.

How do I decide that the degree is right for me?

We have 24/7 student advisory and counseling center who will assist you in making the right career choice. Also our faculty members can guide you in that case.

Are all the schools of Rogersfield University Accredited?

Yes, all 16 schools are accredited by global and local accreditation bodies.

How many types of Scholarship programs OUC offers?

Rogersfield University offers various programs of scholarship, you can apply for them as per your eligibility.

Can International students avail the scholarship programs?

Yes, our scholarships programs see no ethnic, linguistic or border boundaries.

Can I avail two scholarship programs at a time if I am eligible?

You may be eligible for two scholarship pograms but you can’t avail two at a time. You will be provided with the scholarship providing maximum leverage in tuition fee.

What are the selection criteria for the scholarship programs?

There is no general criteria for the eligibility of scholarship program. Every scholarship offered has a specific criteria to be met.

Is there any scholarship offerings for Disable Student?

OUC has special discount offering for their Differently-abled Students. We own them.

Is there any minimum GPA criteria that has to be met after we start to study?

Yes, we have minimum GPA criteria that has to be met in order to sustain the scholarship program. Our faculty and student help desk will take care of it. Be stress-free!!

Is my research-work going to earn me a scholarship grant?

Absolutely. We value your determination and new findings. OUC offers research grant to our researchers.

Is OUC affordable for me?

Yes, we are affordable to all. We have various scholarship program offerings that make education feasible for you and easy to attain as well.

As an International student do we have to pay any extra funds?

No. For us, all our students are equal and are provided with equal opportunities in every facility.

Is your student aid program only restricted to students performing well in academics?

No, we have several other scholarships as well such as, for athletes, researchers, women empowerment, and much more. You can see our scholarship page or call our student career guidance for further assistance.

How much can the tuition fee be waived if we qualify for a scholarship program?

You can avail up to a 75% discount on your tuition fee if you qualify for our scholarship program.

Is the leverage in tuition fee a debt that has to be paid once I graduate?

No! OUC aims to graduate its student completely debt-free.

How do I finance my studies?

Yes, we have minimum GPA criteria that have to be met to sustain the scholarship program. Our faculty and student help desk will take care of it. Be stress-free!!

Where can I find regulations about the tuition fees?

You can directly visit our website to get the details of each and everything relevant to your academics. For any further assistance please contact our Student Advisors.