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Ranked #5 by Online Education Institutes

Roger’s Field University is the leading international online University, providing technological supported learning and training for the working adults, students and public service officials. Roger’s Field is offering affordable and high quality online education since decades.

RFU's Global Success

Having presence across the globe and providing high standards of education through continues improvement and development of our degree programs and courses. Using modernized technology and fastest growing medium we deliver internationally accredited online education to anyone seeking a better future and career growth.

Education that Won't Interfere With Your Life!

Roger’s Field ’s objective is to fulfill the needs of working professionals and students by delivering education at their door step. For their ease and comfort there’s no fixed time of lectures, the doors to learning are always open, and students can access the lectures anytime, anywhere, without interrupting their social life and commitments.

Educational Excellence

Creating leaders of tomorrow! Roger's Field purpose of existence is to promote high quality standard of education across the globe. Roger’s Field provides affordable and accessible academic excellence to students globally.

Beneficial Scholarship Plans

Roger’s Field spends a large amount of budget on reducing the financial issues of students by offering Presidential scholarships on annual basis to the deserving individuals who desire to see themselves on higher level of education and their profession.

Career Services

Roger’s Field brings a culture of interlinking our graduates with the world’s leading employers in order to get them their desired jobs. Our degrees, diplomas and certificate programs are planned to develop an essence of professionalism in our students which can alter their talents and raw skills into learned and experienced skills.

Financial Assistance

Roger's Field believes in accommodating their alumni and students with all the facilities for meeting their financial needs by offering affordable and customized tuition fee structures, scholarship programs, insurance policies and easiest yet suitable payment options, thus making your learning process easier and more satisfying.

Our Graduates Works at Leading Firms

We are proud of the fact that our graduates’ works at the world’s leading institutions. Many employers prefer Roger’s Field graduates over other universities pass outs. We specialize in delivering 100% academic, modified and customized education to everyone, which enable students to capture knowledge about real business world problems and issues.

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