The Power of Juicers

I really like the fact that there are machines like juicers to make my fruits and vegetables easier to consume. Two of the best juicers on the market that I enjoy using are; the Breville Juice Mountain Plus and the Nutrifaster Juicer. I want to explain why both juicers are personally a favorite starting with the Breville.


First off, the Breville has a nice silver surface that really feels good and looks better in design. The performance of the Breville is a masterpiece all by itself. Unlike, its competitors the Breville extracts more nutrients from the fruits used. The Breville juicers have sensors on them that makes overloading impossible as it shuts off when it senses the machine might be overloaded. That helps for when kids or someone that doesn’t really know how to use the juicer comes around and gets curious as to what the limits are. As if the Breville juicers were not amazing already, it has two features that make it a safe and easy juicing instrument. The cord storage is what makes me the happiest as it wraps around the machine and snaps on a clip making it that much easier to store safely around the kitchen or home in general and I don’t have to wrap the cord up manually or bunch it together which damages the cord in itself.

My second favorite juicer out is the Nutrifaster juicer. This is one of the more expensive juicers but it is well worth the money in my opinion. Again, the stainless steel design and look is among one of the first impressions I get when I look at the Nutrifaster juicer. For the daily juicing people, the Nutrifaster immediately gets rid of the pulp so that you can get right back to juicing with no wait time in between. The Nutrifaster juices 1 quart of fruit which is 4 cups in just seconds. (Juice recipes)

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