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Roger’s Field is a leading online university which is offering degrees globally. The terms of use which directs you to our website can be modified by the time as we have rights reserved. Read them carefully and keep checking it periodically for the changes.

Terms of Acceptance

Before going through our website, please read these terms and conditions carefully. This is an agreement if you use this site it eventually denotes that you are agreed with the terms and conditions and you will abide them from now on. If due to any reason you disapproved these terms and conditions then do not use this site further

Copyright and Trademarks

The material on this website is copyright protected by Roger’s Field , including all the text, graphic images, videos, icons, codes, computer programs, etc. Or Roger’s Field is the original copyright holder and all rights are reserved. All the trademarks, service marks and logos which are displayed on the Sites are either registered or unregistered trademarks of Roger’s Field and/or the original copyright holder. You are obliged to abide by all copyright and trademark notices and restrictions. If the Copy, storage, transmission, reproduction and any form of distribution of the material present on the website of Roger’s Field will be used without the permission, it will be acknowledged a severe offence, except the material which is machine readable and can be downloaded for personal or non-commercial use. Roger’s Field will take legal action against the party or individual who is found using this information somewhere else. Nobody is allowed to use without written permission, the name of “Roger’s Field ” or any marks connected with our product and services that does not belong to us. It will become the reason behind confusion among users regarding whether we sponsor, endorse, create or provide the service or product. It also discredits and disparages Roger’s Field . .

Conditions Related to Internet

For avoiding the misleading or false page we have provided the homepage link of Roger’s Field Site. If you decide to link to our homepage then you must inform us by E-mail info@rogersfielduniversity.com To hyperlink to any other Page or site in any way will need Prior written permission from Roger’s Field . You may not use Meta tags or any other "hidden text" as well as Roger’s Field name or Trademarks exclusive of prior written permission from us. .

Other Websites & Thier Links

This is an informational site which may have links to other websites. This User Agreement and the Privacy Policy is irrelevant to these other Websites. Please make sure to read the user agreements and privacy policies that direct your use of these other Websites.


Students are willing to enroll in any of the online education programs at the Roger’s Field is required to fill an application form. Assessment of details mentioned in form will be done in order to confirm whether you qualify for that specific program or not. Once you got selected you will fill an extensive application form. Read the form thoroughly after filling it as all actions regarding your admission will be based on that information

Accuracy of Information

Roger’s Field attempts to grant precise and modified information on its website. Even though, we don’t provide any pledge or take accountability for its exactness, accurateness or trustworthiness, and in addition presumes no legal responsibility or liability for any mistakes or exceptions. In case of discovering any information false, we hold back the right to transform it without providing any previous note. The other third parties links of websites and resources are offered to you for your ease only. These don’t come under the power of Roger’s Field , and because of that reason we are not accountable for anything, neither do we support the context of any linked website, resource or material of any other links restricted within the right of third party site.

Injudicious Correspondence

Students registering up with Roger’s Field are in agreement that Roger’s Field is not legally responsible for any correspondence from any toll free numbers or email address(es) except the ones followed by Roger’s Field domain i.e. rogersfielduniversity.com" (this the only official site of Roger’s Field ), or/and any toll free number that is not mentioned on Roger’s Field website . Roger’s Field takes no responsibility for any damages caused by any other source of correspondence. Roger’s Field takes accountability of every announcement through email address (es) under our personal area name or/and through toll free number i.e. previously mentioned on Roger’s Field 's Website. .


Fees vary according to the programs. The Roger’s Field holds the rights to modify fees anytime. But for your convenience the students already enrolled in a program doesn’t have to pay the new fees. Additionally, fee formation of Roger’s Field is planned in a way that your admission fee is priced against the modified or tailored fees and welcome equips that is conveyed to you at your post-enrollment. Correspondingly, tuition fee is charged beside the program package that give evidences of your association with Roger’s Field and the selected degree/diploma/certificate program .

Legalization of Documents

The credentials and the documents you earn from Roger’s Field are not supposed to be only legally recognized and approved from our student’s services department. This rule is obligatory to protect our students from impending unauthorized sellers of such services.

Access of Student Area

Once the student steps into the world of Roger’s Field or become the partner of success he/she is accessible to the student's area all the time. Individual can access the all the offered courses, passed results and earned documents from the Student Area. Every student can also update his/her information and register for the next course from their Student Area.

Refund Policy

In case of inconsistency due to technical fault or disappointment, Roger’s Field permits you to ask for refund in agreement with the below mentioned policy.

Enrollment Fee Money Back Guarantee

1. The excellence of our programs and our educational structure provides us the assurance to present money back guarantee that permits students to ask or demand refund for the admission fee already paid before. 2. 85% of amount repaid (5% processing fee subtracted) for scholars who haven't accomplished their initial course. 3. 65% of amount repaid (5% processing fee and 20% administrative fee subtracted) for scholars who have finished their initial course and demand for refund within 7 days after course result is announced. Refund is not given after 7days have passed. Though, for exceptional cases, you may get in touch with our student support numbers for help. .

Refund Policy for Tuition Fees

The following policy can be availed if you have paid the full, half or quarter part of the program fee: Students are enrolled in courses/programs with the perceptive that they will accomplish the whole set of courses required for a program. Condition applied for any reason they left the course/program, she/he will not be allowed to ask for a tuition fee refunding. In addition the acknowledged goal, scholarships are awarded via the present bank of funds and therefore refund on scholarship or tuition fee works against the financial structure. Though, for unusual cases, you may get in touch with our student aid numbers for support or any sort of help.

Refund Policy in Case of Error

We offer some of the best services regarding refunds, here the university always keeps the concerns of students in its priority and serves them the best. If any case of partial or complete refund is found to be true then Roger’s Field immediately provides the total relative amount to the deserved client. Any request regarding refund is dealt by the support department and Roger’s Field holds the right to approve/disapprove any request based on the client’s possible violation of its user agreement. Every request is dealt on an individual basis and properly assessed by the committee to ensure the best possible judgment is passed.

Claiming Refunds

Any of the following models can be used for the purpose of reclaiming funds. Email, Live Chat Any further queries regarding refund policy can be dealt by directly contacting us. Our email address is info@rogersfielduniversity.com

Strict Policy Regarding Posting of Information

Roger’s Field holds strict rules and regulations regarding the issuance of any threatening or offensive information on its website by any individual.

Prohibition of Unauthorized Use

Any unwanted or illegal access of the university’s information or database through its website or other relative databases shall be considered as a penalty of law and offenders shall be persecuted under federal law.

Data Security

Any data submitted by you is completely safe due to the privacy policy statement. All relative information is considered as confidential and shall only be accessed by the permission of the party involved.


You are responsible for the safety and/or well being of university’s assets, its affiliated entities, its services being provided, regulation(s), right(s), privacy policy, service providers, employees, the web contents and other related services that university provides.

Limitation of Liability

Any unwanted or illegal access of the university’s information or database through its website or other relative databases shall be considered as a penalty of law and offenders shall be persecuted under federal law.

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