Health Science Degree

School of Health Sciences

School of Health Sciences focuses on educating the students regarding health and medical related fields with the help of faculty comprising professionals and scholars having comprehensive research and knowledge of the field.

The fresh graduates can opt from a number of jobs available in medical and health organizations for pursuing their career goals and utilizing their academic learning that can help them serving the humanity in the world.

Graduates of the school can start up their personal clinical assistance to people as Nutritionist, Physiotherapists as well as they can join hospitals as General Practitioners, Pharmacists, Healthcare Managers, Nurses, etc.

The school of Health Sciences at Roger’s Field has profound and intellectual faculty from all over the world. It is easier for students to get academic assistance and professional advices from the specialized teachers and trainers.

Roger’s Field has approved accreditation from the world wide leading and recognized accredited bodies, guaranteeing the productivity and worth of the plans regarding the courses and studies for the benefit of students and professionals qualifying.

Renowned Majors:

  • Nutritional and Health Sciences


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