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Roger’s Field University offers online degrees, diplomas and certificates in vast range of schools; we provide advance knowledge and learning experiences for fresh students and graduates. An individual can enhance his/her professional and academic skills through an online program, while continuing and not disturbing professional life.

Our schools are no less than any leading on-campus professional university or college. Our faculty members are aspiration for individuals who wants to boost their career. Our experts teach ways to enhance the skills of students, such as effective communication, quick learning and leading a team in order to maintain their position and standard in an organization.

We emphasize on providing theoretical and practical education at the same time, with the additional knowledge of new innovations and technology. We share the ways how to make use of new technologies through our online lectures and professional assistance provided by means of our partner employees, thus concluding the academic education of the individuals comprehensively.

We have proposed 16 featured schools and 71 majors in Roger’s Field University for fulfilling the educational requirements of professionals and students joining our University.

Renowned Schools:

  • Business & Management

    School of Management
    • Marketing
    • Accounting
    • Advertising
  • Computer Science

    Computer Science Degree Online
    • Network Management
    • Information Technology
  • Law & legal Studies

    Law & legal Studies
    • Marketing
    • Accounting
    • Advertising
  • Criminal Justice

    Criminal Justice Degree
    • Private Security
    • Cyber Crime
  • Education

    School of Education
    • Teaching & Learning
    • Special Education
  • Psychology

    Schools of Psychology
    • Clinical Psychology
    • Educational Psychology
  • Social Services

    School of Social Work
    • Human Services
  • Health Sciences

    School of Natural Health Sciences
    • Nutritional & Health Sciences

Exclusive Schools:

  • Public Administration

    Public Administration Degree
    • International Relations
  • Engineering

    School of Engineering
    • Civil Engineering
    • Electrical Engineering
  • Applied Arts

    School of Applied Arts
    • Interior Design
    • Architecture
  • Natural Sciences

    School of Natural Sciences
    • Interior Design
    • Architecture
  • Performing Arts

    • Interior Design
    • Architecture
  • Nursing

    School of Nursing
    • Pharmacology
    • Maternity & Pediatrics
  • Social Science

    School of Social Sciences
  • Safety & Fire Science

    School of Occupational Safety & Fire Science

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