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The content you are reading on this page is the Privacy Policy of Roger’s Field University’s official website This is to let you know what we do with the personal information collected from our users, when and how. Kindly, read this page very carefully because by using or simply visiting our website, you do agree with our Terms and allows us to use information collected from you in the particular manner as mentioned below.


The terminology "personal information" used in this Privacy Policy refers to the information that you have provided or collected by your Internet Service Provider while landing on our website. The term "Website" or "Site" refers to Similarly, the terms "we", "our", "us" and "Roger’s Field " refers to Roger’s Field .

*Note: Here the highlighted Roger’s Field means the name of the university only. For Stanford University, the highlighted part will be replaced by Stanford only.

Personal Information Provided to us

Roger’s Field respect your privacy and the personal information collected, used or shared by us. Therefore, we ask our visitors to mark their preferences and choices of collecting, using and sharing their data. So that, no one (We and our Visitors) have to face any consequences with the information that have been provided by you to us willingly and knowingly.

You give us the information knowingly and willingly while using our site and some of its particular areas that needs you to provide some information (either basic or personal) in order to get access or proceed. Some of the basic information that you voluntarily provide us is mentioned below.

The above mentioned information is provided by you while signing-up for free newsletter, filling-up forms, or emailing us to ask questions and concerns through Contact Us form or Live Chat option.

For Students

Among the information collected by us, email address is used to respond and answer questions of our students. Similarly, we use mailing address to deliver transcripts and degrees to our students.

For Non-Students

The above mentioned information can be used by us to follow-up the individuals who have shown interest in particular field. Also, it can be used by us to inform them about the new programs offered and the amendments made in the existing programs that may be of your area of interest.

Given are some of the often pages or areas of our SITE where you will have to provide information in order to proceed.

a) Requesting Information This is the page or particular area of our website where you will have to provide some of your basic information in order to request information from the university. If you are not willing to provide information but want to request information, then you must look for our Number and request information through it.

b) Registering There are certain areas on our SITE where only a registered member or visitor can have a look such as Student's Area. Similarly, there are some other areas and in order to get access to these areas of our Website, you will have to fill-up registration form by providing some of your basic and personal details.

c) Ordering Similar to the registration areas, there are some ordering areas too from where you can order books, lectures, research papers, etc. In these areas, you will have to provide your financial information along with some other basic and personal information. So, if you are not willing to provide it through that form, you can make a call to us through our Toll Free Number and provide details to one of our representatives.

d) Others You may have to provide us details while commenting or giving feedback. We provide you with the option of not providing details. However, if you choose not to provide details, then our University's member would be unable to contact you.

Anonymous Data that is Provided to us Automatically

The collection of the information is done automatically we have such system in IT that if the student visit our site and browse any information that is automatically send to us. This information is used to create the statistics which is used to improve the services and the quality of our site. The browsers you are using the IP address on which your internet is running and any information you are browsing all data is delivered to us on the visit on our site. You can check what information is sent by your browser and you can also modify its settings, but the information shared by the browsers doesn't affect you personally. Despite of you access our site through the email and we reply you through email, but that information will remain confidential. For example the information likes

  • Computer operating system, e.g., Windows®, Macintosh®, UNIX®, Linux®
  • Internet domain, e.g., AOL®, EarthLink®, etc.
  • Browser The IP is automatically collected once you visited our site. We keep the record of IP for the solutions of the errors in our main server, Your IP address is also required for you demographic information such as locations, Time, internet service provider.
  • Navigation Path the URL through which you are visiting to our site will be delivered to us automatically so that we can identify form which browser you are visiting and on which page you are visiting. We collect the information that how our users are using our site. The traffic patterns through the site and the search quarries are also delivered. We consider (PII) e.g. no information is match to personally identifiable information. This information provide the knowledge how our data is being used by the users and how the users are utilizing it including the length of time they visited and the utilization like logins.

Cookies and their Use

Cookies are the series of the information that is sent by the site to you which is stored in the hard drive of your computer memory. These cookies are used to save your time and provide access to the site promptly through the default web browsers. Those cookies provide access for you to use the various features of our site which could be the advantage for our regular users. The cookies are those file which do not contain the large space of your hard disks which are automatically saved to your related data folder in your hard drive.

We actively use the cookies to display messages to returning users and our students.

Use of Data

Students' personal information is generally used in various ways such as in process of application and shipment of documents like degrees and transcripts. So it is necessary to mention the correct information on each and every application form. All the teachers and staff members who use the provided information of a student for evaluation and examination purposes have signed an agreement for not disclosing the information with anyone.

The updates of new programs and services introduced by Roger’s Field will be sent to our students. In order to maintain and improve our systems and services your given information will be useful for us. Our university keeps in touch prospective students through phone, mail and email to confirm the interests of students in the pursuance of their degree. The comments, information, feedback or materials submitted to us through the contact us link in this website will be the property of Roger’s Field , except the information like students contact number or e-mail address provided by them for our reply or feedback. By submitting such Feedback to us, you agree to assign Roger’s Field , without charge, all worldwide rights, interests and title with copyrights and other intellectual property rights, in and to the Feedback. On unrestricted basis Roger’s Field shall be free to utilize that Feedback.

3rd Party Sharing

Roger’s Field is following a strict code of confidentiality and abide all laws that are concerned in release of personal information provided by students. We are not allowed to reveal, sell, rent, or provide any personal data submitted by visitors on our website to any third party under any circumstances.

Moreover the information for payments provided by students in form of credit card is saved with the third party credit processing companies through which they have submitted it. Confidentiality of this information is assured, it will not be retained or shared for any reason and right after completion it gets discarded.

The only condition when we need to disclose your personal data to third party is for enforcing law or our User Agreement or Privacy Policy. In limited conditions yet cautiously Roger’s Field may transfer or share the personal information of students present in our databases to third parties, such as when [Government Department] or accrediting bodies required the reporting, for investigation of any possible crime, identity theft or fraud, for abiding the court orders, for fulfilling legal requirements; for enforcing a contract; for protection of rights, property or security of Roger’s Field , our users or others; for protecting your own interests; in corporate sales connection, for purchasing merger, dissolution, reorganization, liquidation or similar event. Furthermore personal information in our databases is exchanged with other organizations and companies for protection from fraud and in reduction purposes of credit risk, in this situation we step carefully in protecting students' personal information.

Safety of Personal Information

Roger’s Field websites has safety procedures in place to protect against the loss, abuse, and alteration of information.

The private information we gather about any of the individual is recorded in limited-access servers behind a firewall. We promote safety and privacy of passwords to guard the security of these servers and the databases of your private data.

We guarantee that the information of our viewers under our supervision will remain protected during broadcast. Information that is being asked from the students at the time of enrollment and admission about their qualification, credit transferring service according to their relevant experience, as well as whenever you are asked to log in to our online university website for either students or alumni services, all the info is encrypted via Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Software as its been exchanged between your computer and our official servers. Whenever you see a solid key or a locked security device icon at the lower section of your browser window, this signifies that your broadcast will be confined by SSL technology. For the security of the individual information we follow commonly accepted industry principles.

The other third parties links of websites and resources are offered to you for your ease only. These don't come under the power of Roger’s Field , and because of that reason we are not accountable for anything, neither do we support the context of any linked website, resource or material of any other links restricted within the right of third party site.

Access of Student Area

Once the student steps into the world of Roger’s Field or become the partner of success he/she is accessible to the student's area all the time. Individual can access the all the offered courses, passed results and earned documents from the Student Area. Every student can also update his/her information and register for the next course from their Student Area.

Stop Receiving any Additional Information

If you are getting paranoid or disturbed by getting unnecessary/irrelevant or extra information from our site you can inform us by clicking the unsubscribe link in the emails. We will send you an email with the approval and quick response to your request. Please contact us by: Phone: Toll Free : 1-877-807-6988 , Chat - Start a Live Chat E-mail - Click here to fill in our Contact Us form.

Notification Regarding Modifications in Privacy Policy

Roger’s Field holds complete right to update, change or modify its overall privacy statement, so any notice can be issued without prior hint. If the privacy policy updates itself then the university will immediately post the new changes in its privacy statement alongside putting it up on all of its links, these specifically include web links that are made available for any user at anywhere in the world at any given time. If any modification is done regarding this policy or any Privacy Notice, then the changes will be applicable only to the personal data or information that the university collects after it successfully posts the Privacy Notice or the revised Policy on university's website.

It is our responsibility that all registered students are notified about any amendment made by university and this occurs when the change is major in significance since this greatly affects the notified personnel, here a notice is immediately posted. If you observe any notice related to change or hear about it from any other source then we advise you to please have a look at the privacy policy as soon as possible since your continuation in usage of the website after any significant change is translated into the fact that you have agreed completely and willingly to the new applicable terms, also that all the data collected regarding or from you after any revision of policy is posted would be completely subjected to terms on the revised policy. The current version of policy is easily available at any time of the day, all you have to do is scroll down and click the "Privacy Policy" link provided at the bottom of the page.

Legal Disclaimer

We hold the complete authority to declassify any or all of your personal data in case when it is needed by the law or when we believe it is essential that any sort of disclosure is required or in response towards any form of request made by law enforcement agencies or in regards to protecting our rights and/or to formally comply with any sort of court order, legal process or judicial proceeding served on our university's website.

For any Queries Regarding our Data Practices or this Policy

If you have any type of concerns or questions regarding any Privacy Notice or this policy, then you can contact us through the following details. Phone: 1-877-807-6988 Email:

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