Purpose of Associate Degree Program

Roger’s Field associate's degree program is a primary and very important step towards success; selecting a university is the most crucial decision in one’s life and it’s supposed to be taken when an individual is fully satisfied and sure that this is the path through which he/she can pursue dreams. Associates degree from Roger’s Field enables an individual to further continue the studies and get better career opportunities. The courses offered at Roger’s Field are entirely customized, personalized and make possible for individuals to be self-directed and self- motivated and get a degree at their own pace, so that they can seriously consider and assess good forecast on how to hinder or tackle future problems. Associate Degree Program open doors to success for everyone.

Benefits of Associate Degree Program

In today’s competitive market, finding a job in a field that you love can be hard without acquiring a degree. An online associate’s degree from Roger’s Field could be a great preliminary start for pursuing your career objectives. We strike to make the efforts of our student’s worth by providing them valuable and affordable career prospective.

  • Typically a 2 year degree program
  • Total containing a range of 20 courses
  • An online learning system that enables you to study on your schedule
  • Students are exposed to practical learning and not only theoretical knowledge
  • Programs that help you excel in your career as well as making strong academic record.

Fit Education in Your Life

  • Customization: Get education at your home and achieve targeted, quantifiable results!
  • Flexibility: Register whenever you want and earn a quality education with ease.
  • High Standard: Using modernized technology and fastest growing medium and earn internationally accredited online education.
  • Career Center: Get better career opportunities and upgrade your previous documentations through toll free line, live chat or email.


Roger’s Field is an institution of advance education that pioneers in providing undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate and continuing degree programs to students, adults and working individuals present across the globe. Our mission is to foster effective learning of students that can enhance their skills and eventually have a positive impact on their daily lives. We strive to fulfill our mission by offering student centered services, affordability and convenience in education to students across the globe.

Admission Requirements

Admission Criteria Requirements
Credits Hours 78
Experience 2 years' prior work/life experience related to the area of study
Eligibility Criteria 1 year work/life experience related to your major and 30 college credits.
Other Details Any combination of the above or substantial work/life experience.

Majors Offered under the Associate Degree Program

  • Accounting
  • Education
  • Information Technology
  • Business Administration
  • Engineering
  • Nursing
  • Marketing


Scholarships Available for Students in your Country

Education is for everyone, get your hands on valuable scholarship offered at RFU. Read More