Financial Aid

Roger’s Field University provides their fresh students and graduates various financial aid programs that offer flexibility in fee payments options. Students can learn more about our beneficial aid programs and can choose any fee payment option that compliments their budget.


Roger’s Field University offers more than 1,000 scholarships every year to exceptional students.
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Fee Reduction Option

We have planned reasonable Fee Reduction Options for students who refer their friends and colleagues to our University and veterans serving their jobs. Moreover, students at RFU can also avail 7-15% discount on their annual tuition fee.

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Credit Transfer

Our Credit Transfer Program helps students, who have already studied few courses from another universities or institutes by exempting them from studying those particular courses again and saving their precious time.

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Employer Tuition Compensation Program

We enable employers to pay for their employee’s education. Now employers can recommend our university and can pay their employee’s tuition fee.

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