Facts and Figures

At Roger’s Field students enrollment is more than 13,000 that is continuously increasing every year. We offer 16 schools with 71 majors in highly demanded fields of study. Explore the unparallel facts and incomparable figures about Roger’s Field University.


Roger’s Field total student body in year 2014 was 15,000.

Roger’s Field total student body is 15,000.
Undergraduates 9,000
Graduates 6,000
In -state students 60%
Out- state students 20%
More than 20% of total student ENROLLED in degree programs are from almost every part of the world.
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Full Time 88%
Part Time 12%
Every new undergraduate avails 15% discount on their tuition fee.
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Full Time 90%
Part Time 10%
Every year 800 graduate students receive an annual grant of400$.
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Gender Ratio

Male 56%
Female 44%
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Roger’s Field is among the top 10 universities ranked by USA accreditation body in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014.


Need based 20%
Merit based 25%
In- state 25%
Out-state 15%
International 15%
More than 40% students have received scholarship in the previous year and it will increase by 10% in the upcoming year.
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