Credential Verification Services

Roger’s Field aid its global students and alumni to verify their degree through Embassy Legalization Services. The students at Roger’s Field are given two options for their Lifetime Verification of documents which they can forward to their employer, academy or anyone else.

Why choose Roger’s Field ?

  • Membership with more than 46 Universities, Colleges and Institutions.
  • International Faculty of over 2500 members, 80% Faculty holding PhD.
  • Changed lives of more than 10, 5000 students & help them succeed.
  • Approximately 80% of students get Scholarship every year.

We provide verification services through two ways:

Paid Verification

Roger’s Field graduates can have full credential verification through official Roger’s Field letters and documents that are given to any institute or employer who’s interested in hiring our graduate. The verification services are available at your service 24/7. Our verification service provides companies and individuals with an ability to check the validity of the real documents. We provide authentic and guaranteed verification services to students and graduates. The alumni will have to pay a small fee for this service.

Free Verification

Roger’s Field also provides FREE credentials verification services to all apprentice, almost immediately as they enroll and complete their admission paperwork. Within 24 hours of degree approval, all the student qualifications/certifications can be effortlessly verified through phone, fax and email system. Lifetime Verification Services at Roger’s Field University are provided absolutely FREE

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