Roger's Field Career Center

Career Center at Roger’s Field University offers one of the best and beneficial services to students and alumni that enable them to get better employment within no time. We thrive to produce leaders of tomorrow. The University accompanies its student’s during all the stages of their career development and career growth. We stay focused to provide them better opportunities even after they get graduated. We provide an incomparable career enhancement and improvement services to guarantee the quality of our graduates and students. We seek to give our students not only an excellent learning experience but we make certain that professional objectives are achieved. We make all their efforts worth by providing them better career prospective and opportunities.

Why choose Roger’s Field ?

  • Membership with more than 46 Universities, Colleges and Institutions.
  • International Faculty of over 2500 members, 80% Faculty holding PhD.
  • Changed lives of more than 10, 5000 students & help them succeed.
  • Approximately 80% of students get Scholarship every year.

Resume & Cover Letter Writing Services

We understand that the first step to get a dream job is a well written, professionally presented and fine formatted resume. They are the first printed documentations in the world of business, and play a very significant role in creating a good impression on potential employers. We help our students in writing a perfect resume and cover letter so that they can get their dream jobs.

Job Appointment Services

Through different channels, Roger’s Field supports students in getting a job that match their requirements and can assist professional development in both long term and short term approach.

Career Counseling Services

At Roger’s Field ’s Career Service Center, we aim to offer our students and our graduates with a proper career roadmap and different career strategies to help them achieve job satisfaction and professional success. We provide these services through skilled career counseling meetings and conferences.

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