Affiliations & Partnership

Rogers Field University assures the access of knowledge to students and professionals looking for appropriate and qualitative education all over the world. For accomplishing this purpose we have introduced affiliation and partnership program in which we propose and generate ideas to bring and connect educational institutions, business organizations, entrepreneurs and consultants with us. We provide them a platform where universities and individuals from business organizations steadily work together for overcoming the needs of students and educational community.

Educational Institution

Online educational programs at Rogers Field University give the chance of learning to each and every individual who wants affordability and flexibility in completion of academic qualifications. Our partnership with educational institutions guarantee the students to get online credit transfers easily and it is also beneficial in order to get assistance or reference from experts in making academic projects and professional assignments.

Business Organizations

We have collaboration with diverse organizations including, business entities, hospitals, auditing, arts and advertising firms, and software houses etc. These organizations help our alumni and fresh graduates by providing suitable job opportunities.

Scholarships Available for Students in your Country

Education is for everyone, get your hands on valuable scholarship offered at RFU. Read More