World-Wide Accreditation

Worldwide Accreditation

Roger’s Field University is an accredited and internationally recognized online university that is prospering in the field of online education with the help of acquired accreditation status. Accreditation status helps in organizing educational plans and maintaining international standards of online education. Accreditation is important for a university as it standardized educational and excellence.

Our University is accredited by three leading internationally recognized accreditation bodies. These accrediting councils are experts in maintaining quality of education in various universities around the world. They have standardized and specialized system that manages and synchronizes the assessment approaches of institutes and universities.

Roger’s Field University assures advancement in educational programs through standardized assessment procedures, including: learning & curricular activities, students’ academic & career achievement, managerial processes, research facilities, student and alumni support services, uniqueness in online educational programs and relationships with corporate partners.

International Board for Higher Education Accreditation

International Board for Higher Education Accreditation is an international organization functioning to extend and develop the quality and standards of education conveyed to working adults. IBHEA has received top position globally for its creditable areas of business. The evaluation process in all universities or institutes goes through a stamp of "reliability" to get approval from accreditation bodies. Recognition by IBHEA authenticates that the standards and procedures of the accrediting institutes are consistent and can be trusted in academic excellence, productivity and accountability projections it has established, including the eligibility criteria that the organizations are providing genuine degrees or certificates worldwide.

Online Higher Education Accreditation Council

Online Higher Edcucation Accreditation Council OHEAC is the leading organization that grants accreditation to online academic institutes, operating internationally. They allot points to the profiles of educational institutions which promote best practices, international trends of accreditation and certification to strengthen the quality of their services. RFU feels honored to implement OHEAC’s firm accreditation techniques which are highly appreciated and truly accepted across the world. OHEAC works for the betterment of the entire society, making quality education accessible to international students.

National Association of Foreign Student Advisers

NAFSA is a globally recognized accreditation agency who founded chapter to establish and strengthen the quality standard of traditional and nontraditional education. Accreditation granted by NAFSA assures that institution has been founded to meet the global academic benchmark and requirements set by the association. RFU gladly implements the techniques what are globally recognized around the world and believes that it will help the university in order to enhance the standard of education and credibility with an authentic way.

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