What Are the Best Juicers on the Market?

It is more than pleasure when you know that you have a good juicer in your house that is taking care of all your needs. However, what are the best juicer models on the market? How will you know the best models?

best juicers on the market

If you have the best model of them all in the market then you can be sure of nothing short of better performance and easy time when it comes to maintenance. In addition to this, they are products that will last for a long time. They will serve you for quite a long time.

After going through everything in the market, this is a list of the best juicers on the market.

5 Best Juicers on the Market

Best Masticating Juicer On The Market

This is the first group of juicers that starts our list today. This is the type of juicer that you need for lengthy hours of juicing. It will take more time than the centrifugal one but the results will be amazing.

The best in this class is:

Champion G5-PG710

You will not believe how much this kind of machine can do for you. Having been in the industry for a long time with every year having a more improved model you are assured of quality results.

The best part is that it is made of high quality materials. It is made of high-density nylon composite that is an exceptional material. It also features smart cooler motors and good capacity.

Best Triturating Juicer On The Market

They are known for producing highly nutritious juice. Their efficiency in the work is impeccable. Also remember that they have little waste and many of them can be used for addition functions such as grinding coffee and making nuts.

In this class we get:

Tribest Green Star

It is a very affordable machine that will give you more than the services that you are looking for in a juice maker. It come with additional attachments that will help you in grinding, food processing and homogenizing.

It features multiple pulp and adjustment knob for pressure which will assure you better performance as well as speed.

Best Centrifugal Juicer On The Market

If you are after speed and power then these are the best machines to go for. They are made with multiple blades and high speed motors that will assure you efficiency in your work.

The best part about their power and speed is that they can handle massive jobs. For example; handling carrots or whole apples.

From this group we get:

Breville Juice Fountain Duo

Talk about power and durability. This machine also has very strong materials since it is all coated with metal. At the same machine it has a very powerful motor of 1200 watts which makes it the best. It also has a system with 5-setting adjustment function.

How Do You Pick The Best Juicer On The Market ?

People are not competing to own a certain product, but rather competing to own the product in its highest quality. The case is not different when it comes to juicers. With many of them hitting the 21st century market, and many finding their way into majority of modern homes, the question is not who owns a juicer, but who owns the best juicer in the neighborhood.

A top-notch juicer brings more than just making fresh juices. It brings reliability, convenience, effectiveness, and astounding durability. This is the reason everyone looking for a juicer should not only strive to get one, but also to get a top-quality one that will stand-out among many. How do you pick a high quality juicer?

The following are additional features you should look out for;


When you prepare juice on any juicer, there is much inconvenience that comes with trying to separate juice from any kind of foam. A high quality juicer is that which will come with a plastic barrier that will allow you to pour your juice, but it will hold back foam for you. With a juicer that contains this additional feature, you will no longer need to spend your time looking for innovative ways to ensure your fresh juice is absolutely pure. Moreover, this jug will come with a lid that will enhance easy storage of the juice in the fridge or any other storage facility.


There is nothing as shameful as having a messy work area. When making juices, some machines just mess up your counter, hence forcing you to spend a fraction of your juicing time cleaning. A juicer with a drip-stop spout ensures that any remaining juice inside the machine will not drip and mess your worktop. Make sure you select juicers whose drip-stop spouts only work through an upward flip since they are the most effective.


If you need a juicer, you probably need one that can fit larger fruits, right? You need a juicer that can minimize your juicing time, maximize the quantity of juice you can produce, and realize all your daily juicing goals. A juicer that will force you to always cut your fruits into the smallest pieces in order for them to fit in the feed chute is definitely not the quality you need for your ultra-modern kitchen. All you need is a juicer with an extra-large feed chute that can fit majority of fruits whole. With this feature, you will be able to use the time you would have spent pre-chopping, peeling and cutting the fruits and vegetables in making more juice.


Many juicers may hurt your fingers when you try to push small vegetables into the juicer. However, pick a top-quality juicer with a pusher that has comfortable rounded end which will enable your palm push even the hardest fruits and vegetables with ultimate ease and with zero-risk on your fingers. As they say, quality should never be an act, but a habit. Make picking high-quality a norm. consider the above features and make a bold step towards becoming the greatest juice maker in town!

I know that all these are a lot of information to take in but once your own your juicer, you’ll know the major differences it makes.

How Do You Pick The Best Masticating Juicer?

First choice of the users

Masticating juicers are the most commonly used juicers in the market. Being popular with the fitness fanatics, they have always been the first choice of the users which makes them stand out. In order to pick the best juicers on the market you need to know about a few detailed factors about juicers.

best electric masticating juicer

Categories of the Masticating Juicer

The masticating juicer comes in two categories which are dual stage single gear and low speed.

The dual stage single gear type extract as much juice as possible from the produce being juiced. It follows the dual stage of first extracting the juice and then combines the extracted juice with the pulp to extract it again. This dual stage process extracts juice which is higher on nutritional terms and quality. The low speed variant does not follow a dual process of extraction.

The Slow process of juicing

The masticating juicer follows a slow process of juicing, so if you are always in a hurry then you will not like this type of juicer. The slow speed process has its amazing benefits for the health of the users, it prevents the oxidation of the fresh juice produce which eventually keeps the juice fresh for 72 hours. This also results in the maximum amount of juice for the juicer which is more in quantity than the other variants.

Factors to consider before buying

Feed Chute – This is one of the most important factor to consider before buying a juicer, with a wider feed chute available, you can directly insert fruits and vegetables without having to cut them in smaller pieces. Pick the juicer having a feed chute larger than 3” or more.

Stability – Ensure the fact the juicer does not wobble and remains stable during the process of operation as an unstable model can cause a lot of mess and can be hazardous too.  

Easy to clean – If the juicer you buy is not easy to clean then it is definitely going to cause a lot of problems for you. Before buying, ensure that the juicer can be cleaned easily and is dish-washer safe.

Space – If you have less space then you should ensure the space requirements before making a purchase. These juicers are very much popular, but occupy a lot of space. You might need to empty up your kitchen space to evaluate the juicer. But, there are some of the models which utilize horizontal footprints to ensure that they do not occupy much of the space otherwise they would end up being packed in the cupboard.

Before making a purchase, you should consider these factors and definitely buy the product which fulfills all requirements and fits in your budget.  

Why Are Black + Decker Juicers So Amazing ?

Juicers come in different sizes, shapes, functions, and price. In this article, we are going to look at one particular brand that fits multiple functions in your kitchen. To be able to identify the best juicers on the market, look at the many specs the juicer offers. In this case, we are going to look at the BLACK+DECKER type of juicer as my favorite choice.

Before further looking at the best juicer, let us consider the importance of juicing your fruits, vegetables, and nuts.I. Juicing maximizes the nutrition extracted from the raw product/ vegetables and fruits.

The best juicer in the market Now, what makes the Black + Decker type of juicer my best choice?
The Black + Decker juicer guarantees a perfect blend; it is durable and efficient when it comes to juice making. Below is an in-depth analysis that will show you exactly why you consider this type of appliance.

1. Multi-functional

Most juicers are factory made to perform differently. The most common types of juicers will use the centrifugal, triturating and masticating type of mechanism to extract juice from the raw material. But by choosing a Black + Decker type of juicer, you will be exposed to the best functioning appliance that works by combining all these three mechanisms under one machine to produce smoothly blended juice.

2. Easy to work with and clean

Owning a juicer is one thing but maintaining it is another thing. The Black + Decker type of juicer is easy to wash and simple to work. After the whole juicing process is complete, the removable parts of this kind of juicer are fast making it easy to wash and dry.

3. Black + Decker juicers offer a variety of blending speed

To get concentrated and nutritional juice given different raw produces needs to have different gear levels working concurrently. Crushing nuts and other hard recipes require higher levels of crushing speed as opposed to grinding smoother fruits/recipes like mangoes, avocados, and oranges. The Black + Decker types of juicers give you the opportunity to change the speed levels according to whatever recipe you have.

4. Fair price tags

Under the Black + Decker brand, there are many smaller categories of appliances you can choose. The price range will favor you as a customer plus the result is 100%.

With many more reasons to make you determine which type of juicers fits your kitchen, consider my favorite juicer (Black + Decker) and have the tastiest juice you can ever imagine.

Know The Four Different Types Of Espresso Machines


There are some people who make the wrong purchase for their lifestyle because they’re blinded by the looks and the budget of the machine. You have to know the several types that are sold which are the Semi-Automatic, Super-Automatic espresso machines, Pod (Capsules) and Lever Espresso Machine. I was on bisuzscoffee a few months before I purchased my own espresso machine. So , I decided to help anyone who’s in the market for an espresso machine.

Here’s the break down.

Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine

This simple machine is much bigger but certainly easier than the lever. It has a manual pump, automated water temperature controls, and switches to turn it on or off. This allows you to control the tamping pressure and even the volume and fineness of the coffee but the catch is you have to grind your own coffee.

Super-Automatic Espresso Machine

This is a perfect espresso machine for an office. It has a built-in coffee grinder, refills water automatically and makes frothed milk. However, the semi-automatic certainly has a better brewing ability since the features is adjustable but if you aren’t particular to the quality, this is a great time-saving machine.

Pod Espresso Machine

It is much smaller compared to the other four which results in taking less countertop space in your kitchen. The pod that you insert is already filled with your preferred grounded coffee so all you need to do is press the button. This recreates many different styles of coffee in a blink as it comes with an automatic frothing system.

Lever Espresso Machine

You will be very hands on with this machine. Even though it is quite troublesome, it is no less cheaper. You have to do everything from scratch which allows you to have full control. This device is smaller because it can only produce an espresso. Before buying this, ensure that you have a good arm strength.

No matter what you pick , bear in mind that each and every espresso machines come with their own unique set of strengths and weaknesses. But, you’d probably have covered all of them when you decided to pick up an espresso machine. To me, having a manual espresso machine is a wonderful thing , the freedom I get to experiment and try out new beverages in endless.

My Espresso Journey

I’ve been using my espresso machine for a couple of years and frankly they weren’t all pleasant. In the beginning, I could barely get a clean shot of espresso out of my machine. I neglected the importance of tampering my espresso grains and it resulted in grainy espresso shots.

How To Improve Your Espresso Making Skills ?

After loads of research (here’s a good place to start) , I managed to learn the ropes. After the 3 months of crawling through the dirt, I managed to master my machine. I could proudly call myself an espresso aficionado. Heck, I probably could open a small cafe if I keep this up.

Follow your dreams, don’t let anyone stand in your way!

Guide to the best juicers

Juicing is a vital element of a healthy lifestyle. Juicing vegetables or fruits ensures that their vitamins, minerals, and enzymes are not destroyed, like it’s i the case of cooking. For these healthy reasons you obviously need to invest in a good reliable and efficient juicer. The best juicers on the market should have less noise, fair price, long warranty, good speed and efficiency.
green juice
One of the best juicer 2017 is the Omega J8006 Nutrition Center Juicer. What I love about this particular juicer is how it works on a slow speed. so as to efficiently extract juice of all kinds of produce without generating heat and foam. It also has a whole 15-year warranty. It’s price may be a little over the top but it’s worth it.

The Breville Juicer

Another favorite of mine is the Breville Compact Juice Fountain 700-watt Juice Extractor. This one has a very affordable price thankfully, and it’s just as easy to use as it is to clean. It is one you can use conveniently in a hurry.

Or The Super Angel Juicer

Super angel all stainless steel twin gear juicer. I would recommend this one because it’s juice tastes better than those of plastic juicers. It is also very attractive and classy for those who love finer things in life. This means it’s not cheap but it is extremely durable and easy to maintain. Needless to say this is personal favorite.

Or A Different Brevile Juicer

The last juicer I am going to recommend is the Breville 800 JEXL Juice Fountain Elite 1000 Watt Juice Extractor. This on is actually one of Breville’s top juicers. It is a high-powered centrifugal-type juicer. which features 2 speed controls. It generate low heat which ensures that it’s juice is high on enzymes and minerals. It is also convenient to use since it can accommodate whole fruits and vegetables so yo don’t have to spent time and energy cutting them in smaller pieces.

The Power of Juicers

I really like the fact that there are machines like juicers to make my fruits and vegetables easier to consume. Two of the best juicers on the market that I enjoy using are; the Breville Juice Mountain Plus and the Nutrifaster Juicer. I want to explain why both juicers are personally a favorite starting with the Breville.


First off, the Breville has a nice silver surface that really feels good and looks better in design. The performance of the Breville is a masterpiece all by itself. Unlike, its competitors the Breville extracts more nutrients from the fruits used. The Breville juicers have sensors on them that makes overloading impossible as it shuts off when it senses the machine might be overloaded. That helps for when kids or someone that doesn’t really know how to use the juicer comes around and gets curious as to what the limits are. As if the Breville juicers were not amazing already, it has two features that make it a safe and easy juicing instrument. The cord storage is what makes me the happiest as it wraps around the machine and snaps on a clip making it that much easier to store safely around the kitchen or home in general and I don’t have to wrap the cord up manually or bunch it together which damages the cord in itself.

My second favorite juicer out is the Nutrifaster juicer. This is one of the more expensive juicers but it is well worth the money in my opinion. Again, the stainless steel design and look is among one of the first impressions I get when I look at the Nutrifaster juicer. For the daily juicing people, the Nutrifaster immediately gets rid of the pulp so that you can get right back to juicing with no wait time in between. The Nutrifaster juices 1 quart of fruit which is 4 cups in just seconds. (Juice recipes)